Bangkok: An American tourist broke her back after falling from a cliff when she was trying to escape from a Sex Attacker in Thailand.

Hannah Gavios 23 year’s old girl from Bayside New York was attacked in the southern seaside province of Krabi. Hannah was recovering in a hospital in Thailand after breaking her spine.

Hannah Gavios/Facebook

Hannah told police, “a man who offered to help guide her back to her hotel at night took her down a remote path and tried to remove her clothes. I started punching him in the face and beating him up and biting off his ear. I was biting his ear so hard it almost came off. His ear was half torn off.”

Hannah Gavios/Facebook
Hannah Gavios/Facebook


He was in pain and asked me to stop, so we shook hands and he stopped but I was still nervous and he was still trying to harass me so there was no choice but to run. Then I started walking back to where I came from. Once there was distance between us I started running. She fled but blindly ran off the edge of a 45-meter cliff in the darkness.


It was pitched black and before I knew it I was in midair falling off a cliff. Hannah said, “I was honestly thinking I wouldn’t survive.”

The woman was found by rescuers the next morning and she is now recovering after surgery.

Police have arrested the alleged attacker, Apai Ruengvorn, 28, who faces 5 to 20 years in prison if convicted of causing serious injury and obscene behavior toward another person.

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