Now, Facebook has launched a new social media app Lifestage for school teenagers. Users of Lifestage can upload pictures, videos, likes and dislikes only and this App is only available in Apple Lifedevices in The US then these are turned into video profiles.


All posts will show as public and currently they have no options to restrict viewing. So, there might be lack of privacy settings will be major concern. Creator of this App said, “The idea is to connect members of the same school.”

School teenagers can view each other profiles once the individual school has registered 20 or more members. LifeStage can only works for those who are 21 and younger, is all about posting video profiles, and users will be able to interact with others in their school. If you’re 22 or older, you can see your own profile, but not those of others. One more concern is that app cannot guarantee that whether users are genuine.

Lifestage App has no messaging functionality yet but users can display their contact details from other sites; Snapchat and Instagram. Lifestage App currently has a 2.5 star rating on the iTunes store and one of the users has comment describe that “Kinda Sorta Creepy” and “Confusing.”

This App has been designed by Facebook Product Manager Michael Sayman.

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