Dipa Karmakar has becoming the first Indian Gymnast to enter the Olympic finals in the Rio Olympics Centre and qualified for the final round in the individual vault final of artistic gymnastics on Sunday.

Deepa Karmakar - Abinya

Dipa Karmakar had an average score of 51.665. She managed to perform her much-vaunted ‘Produnova’ vault cleanly to score 14.85 on the vault, 11.666 on the uneven bars 12.866 in balance beam and 12.033 in floor exercises.

In uneven bars, Dipa scored 7.166 for execution and 4.5 for difficulty and in balance beam, she scored 7.566 for execution and 5.3 for difficulty while in floor exercises her scores read 7.133 for execution and 5.2 for difficulty with a penalty of 0.3.

By time she finished, Dipa was sixth in vaults and 27th overall and had to endure a nervous wait of five hours for the other two sub-divisions to finish.

No other competitor managing to surpass her score in individual, She managed to enter individual vault final and make a history.

Dipa - Abinya

Brazil Rebeca Andrade topped the overall standings with 58.732 overall. She scored 15.566 on the vault, 14.933 on the uneven bars, 14.2 on the balance beam and 14.033 on the floor exercise.

Russian duo of Seda Tutkhalian 58.207 overall and Aliya Mustafina 58.098 overall finished second and third respectively on the overall standings. Dipa will compete in the final one on August 14.

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