Can Anyone Guess the age of this Japanese Model. Professional models tend to be on the younger side. Their careers are launched at an early age, and every effort is made to utilize their baby-faces

There is a model Risa Hirako in Japan, who is taking the Internet by storm. And she looks younger in these photos. And after watching her pictures everyone is going Crazy.

Risa Hirako is actually 45 years old and it is almost unbelievable.

Just have a look on these pictures:

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Hey❤️ #hey#beverlyhills #fashion #beauty #risahirako #平子理沙

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Hi🌴😃🌴 #LA #risahirako #平子理沙

A photo posted by RISA HIRAKO (@risa_hirako) on

According to Risa, one of the secrets to her ageless appearance is a steady diet of Almond Milk, Fruits, and Honey.

But with healthy diet and exercise how does she look so younger. She also post tips on healthy lifestyle on her Blog

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