One of the largest porn website, Pornhub has been hacked by the cyber experts. A group of hackers have managed to access the private information about the Users on Adult website but revealed also they won’t share any embarrassing data.

PornHub - Abinya

Adult website, Pornhub have billions of views per year and more than 60 million who visits daily, according to the Alexa ranking, around four million people registered as Pornhub users.

Two months ago, Pornhub has launched its Bug Bounty Program to encourage hackers and bug bounty hunters to find report flaws in its services and get rewarded.

The flaws allowed the white hats to gain enough information to “dump the complete database of Pornhub including all sensitive user information,” such as the identities of those uploading risque and explicit films, and those starring in them.

According to Evonide, Pornhub awarded the Security Researchers $20,000 bounty from the Internet Bug Bounty Committee. They received the awards through Hacker One bug bounty program. The researcher reported the bug on May 30th, a few weeks after Pornhub launched the bug competition.

That researchers, who gained Remote Code Execution (RCE) capability on its servers using a zero-day vulnerability in PHP – the programming language that powers Pornhub website.

The bug connected two seemingly disparate aspects of PHP to create vulnerability. This site was transmitting data via PHP’s unserialize function and PHP’s garbage collection algorithm. The use-after-free PHP bug and the unserialize function PHP bug presence made code execution on Pornhub servers possible.

Website was quick to respond to the flaw security report. The company removed the unserialize function with PHP a few hours later.

In June the site patched the security flaw. The hackers had no use for the data. Instead, they sent the report to Pornhub.

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