Potato Chip Rock is located at Mount Woodson in Poway, California. This hike has become popular due hikers posting creative pictures on social media.

This hike is 8 miles roundtrip and it is recommended to start early in the morning due to Poway’s hot Desert Climate. And don’t be surprised if you find a queue of people waiting to take their picture on this popular rock! You can see on Potato Chip Rock, unforgettable background to take pictures.

Just have a look on pictures of Potato Chip Rock:

A photo posted by Aboud AbábnEh (@aboudwiss) on

PSA: there were no potato chips. Squad was so mad we made a scene.

A photo posted by Katharine Griffin (@kathhhgrifff) on

First Instagram post ever 😱

A photo posted by Jasmine Sjarif (@jasminesjarif) on

#potatochiprock 🍟 Nothing but #blue skies Do I see

A photo posted by Celeste & Beatrice Limoli (@limolitwins) on


A photo posted by Lei qiu (@ace_of_the_club) on

We made it! #california #gooutside #goforahike #goexplore #optoutside #potatochiprock

A photo posted by Matthew Hetherington (@matthton) on

Cheers to a great bday hike! Don’t mind if we do have a potato chip at #potatochiprock! #feelingsalty

A photo posted by Kristina Koltai (@kristinak311) on

Basic Caucasian female goes hiking 🏞👸🏼

A photo posted by Jasmine Alexis Ramirez🌞 (@jazy_mine) on

#PotatoChipRock #Hike #Outdoors #Beauty #Love #Nature #CaliforniaLove

A photo posted by Juvy💋 (@juv_e) on

Please don’t fall🙈

A photo posted by Christi Lane🌺 (@insanelane) on

It is called Potato Chip Rock and it really is as thin as a potato chip.

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